A massive tornado has torn through Washington State leaving a path of destruction in its wake, videos and images posted to social media show the extent of the damage.

The tornado thrashed through Port Orchard as torrential storms clouded over the Pacific Northwest Tuesday afternoon.

The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado based on the radar and video evidence, it said, adding that the tornado touched down just before 2 p.m. local time.

A 911 call in Katsap County made after 2 p.m. detailed a tornado “taking over a building and taking down some trees” in Port Orchard.

In one video taken in the doorway of a Safeway grocery store, witnesses are heard expressing shock as they watch a huge funnel cloud wreak havoc in the distance.

There have been no reports of injuries. The city is now working on getting downed power lines and roads filled with debris cleared, he said

Dorsey said that while the city’s emergency operations prepare for tornadoes often, he has not experienced one for the past 50 years he has lived there.


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